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WaldorfOnline.com serves as the digital media home to several of the Online Waldorf Conferences and courses that are offered by Eugene Schwartz and guest teachers. These online courses are meant to serve the needs of independent, public, and home schooling Waldorf teachers working in the demanding educational world of the twenty-first century. We hope that you will find them helpful. Here is information about our conferences:
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Watch our Video Introduction to the Conferences:

Last summer, hundreds of teachers took part in the Online Conferences. Their evaluations were stellar, and we are pleased to offer the rich content, affordable entry fees and convenient format to teachers worldwide. Choose any 14-day period between June 1 and September 30 OR December 1 and February 28.
See for yourself:
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Are you a home schooler? Click here to learn why the Online Conferences offer you the very best preparation for your child’s new grade!

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There are growing numbers of Waldorf students graduating from Grade Eight, but very few Waldorf High Schools ready to accommodate them. As of right now, help is on the way. For the first time, Waldorf classes will be made available directly to high school students via the Internet. Eugene Schwartz, who created the very successful Online Conferences, is developing High School Main Lesson blocks for homeschooling students, for students attending mainstream high schools who want to continue their Waldorf experience, and for Waldorf high school teachers who need some inspiration and resource materials to teach the main lesson blocks themselves. Click here to learn more
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The Online Conferences for
Special Subject Teachers
June 1 - September 30, 2018
With Eugene Schwartz and Raine Springer

Think Equal!
Special subject teachers play an increasingly important role in today’s Waldorf setting. The demands of their multi-grade assignments are great, but most Waldorf schools cannot afford to provide them with the mentoring and professional development opportunities that are commonly granted to class teachers.
The Online Conferences for Special Subject Teachers are intended to bridge that gap. Click here to learn more. Click here to register.

The Rudolf Steiner Course may now be downloaded: “Like Having a Foundation Year on My Computer!”
That is how one teacher described her experience of the 25-hour long course by Eugene Schwartz -- the most comprehensive treatment of Rudolf Steiner’s life and work ever given in English. The complete contents of the Rudolf Steiner Course given in March, 2011, are now available and may be purchased as downloads of single segments or the entire course.

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View a short video about the Course.